Proven Methods



At Paragon Tutoring and Test Prep, we know that being able to answer a question with confidence is key. We call ourselves academic coaches because we coach students with methods that will build knowledge and confidence for all matters of study.



We Come to You


Our priority is to customize educational services for when and where is best for you.

  • In home

  • Library

  • Coffee Shop

  • Skype



One-on-One Tutoring

Individual focus

  • Chemistry (Regular, AP, and IB)

  • Math (Regular, AP, and IB)

  • Physics (Regular, AP, and IB)

  • Biochemistry

$60 per hour within 8 mile radius of Redmond

One-on-One Test Prep

refine key skills

  • ACT

  • SAT

  • Subject Tests: Chemistry, Math 1C, Math 2C, and Physics

$120* per hour within 8 miles radius of Redmond

Small Group Classes

Have a friend or two that you study with? No problem we coach groups!

Subject Study 

  • Tutoring

    • Chemistry

    • Math

    • Physics

    • Biochemistry

2-3 Students $50 per hour for each student

  • Test Prep

    • ACT

    • SAT

    • Subject Tests

2-3 Students $100 per hour for each student, 4-5 Students $85 per hour for each student, 6+ Students $70 per hour for each student

Recommended Course

  • 8 - 90 Minute Sessions

  • 12 Course Hours

  • Materials Included

8 - 90 Minute Sessions (Recommended 4 Full Length Practice Tests)
The first five sessions of the course will focus on one particular section of the test (varies depending on ACT or SAT). Each session is designed to go over missed practice test questions and strategies for that particular section.

The last three sessions are tailored to the student(s), focusing on areas of the test that will best improve his or her score.

Session Materials are Included.

Price* for One-on-One: $1260 (Full Length Practice Tests not included in price)

A La Carte Setup

Want to do fewer than 8 sessions or possibly more than 8 sessions?

Just let us know how many sessions and we’ll design the course.

  • Session lengths can be 1 hour, 1.5 hours, or 2 hours

  • At least 4 sessions required to wave cost of materials

Coaching Hours: 10:30 am - 9:00 pm Daily

Personal sessions in the Greater Seattle region.


*Pricing based on radius from Redmond. See Services or email us for details.



Convenient Remote Educational Services

Can't meet in person? We also provide skype sessions for tutoring and test prep.

Pricing by appointment.